The Chinese Scholars Association in Management Science and Engineering (former OCSAMSE) is an international professional organization that aims to make greater contributions to the academic research and management practices in China and beyond. 


              The CSAMSE is a highly recognized and rapidly growing community of scholars, from both overseas and mainland China, in the field of Management Science and Engineering (MSE), who are united by a common interest to promote the communication between academia and industry and to improve management theory and practice in China. In a short number of years, our annual conference has developed into a significant meeting place to understand the latest business developments in China and to keep abreast of the cutting edge research ideas in Management Science and Engineering.


              The CSAMSE is steered by her vision “CSAMSE aims to contribute to the academic and business developments in China” through conducting her mission “We promote communications between scholars in management science and engineering from mainland China and their counterparts from other parts of the world, and foster collaborations between academia and the business community in China”.


              CSAMSE Officers

              Founding President (创会主席)

              Fangruo Chen, Columbia University

              General Secretary(秘书长)

                Mei Xue, Boston College

              Program Officers(学术主管)

                Rachel R. Chen, University of California, Davis

                Michael Pinedo, New York University

                Fuqiang Zhang, Washington University in St. Louis

                Yong-Pin Zhou, University of Washington in Seattle

              IT Officer (信息技术主管)

                Longfei He, Tianjin University

              Treasurer (财务会计)

                Tao Li, Santa Clara University

              Officer of Conference Operations(会议运作主管)

                Longfei He, Tianjin University


              Message from the Founding President, Fangruo Chen


              Dear Friends,


              Thank you for visiting the website of the Chinese Scholars Association in Management Science and Engineering (CSAMSE) and I would like to take this opportunity to share with you about the short and long journeys that have taken some of us to it.


              We all know what “Made in China” has meant for China’s phenomenal growth and for the economic wellbeing of the rest of the world. And we are equally aware of the challenges that lie ahead for China’s manufacturing and service sectors.  Many of us grew up in China, and are fortunate enough to have built a successful career abroad.  We travel back to China frequently, to see family, relatives and friends, to do research, to teach, to visit companies, and generally to experience the excitement in a rapidly developing country.  We are excited by the developments in China and at the same time we are concerned about some of the most complex and challenging issues facing our country and people, which are actually very relevant to our own professional field, Management Science and Engineering.

              We believe that we should and can help. We also believe that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. For these very reasons, with the support from many of you, the Chinese Scholars Association in Management Science and Engineering (CSAMSE) was established in December 2007. By harnessing our individual energies, the Association aims to make greater contributions to the academic research and management practices in China and beyond through various formats and activities.

              One of such activities will be an annul conference at which the overseas and mainland scholars as well as industry practitioners, who all share an keen interest in China-related management science and engineering issues, can converge, interact and communicate. It will provide the platform for exchanges and sharing of different perspectives, debates and discussions on some of the cutting-edge issues, as well as light-hearted social events and networking opportunities. So please come to join us for our annual conferences.

              We are all proud of our Chinese heritages, no matter how far and how long we have been away from the land. While we are all proud of its past and present, first and foremost, we want to help to shape its future, which we can only capture with our wildest imagination. For this very reason, I am inviting you to share your ideas about how CSAMSE can contribute to the greater benefits of our community, our country and the rest of the world. We need your support and help to make this venture a real success while making your experience with CSAMSE both rewarding and fun!

              Best regards,

              Fangruo Chen
              Founding President of CSAMSE