CSAMSE Honors /Awards

              CSAMSE set Awards for Best Paper Competition to encourage and inspire quality academic research to submit and present in annual conferences.

              The best paper competition will be sponsored by the China Business Initiative of the Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business at Columbia University. The winners will receive a check and are given an opportunity to visit the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University for one year as a visiting scholar.  All papers in the competition must be presented in the conference. The full paper is limited to 32 pages maximum. The award will be announced in the first day of the conference. Participants in the competition can recommend 5 referees (excluding co-authors, colleagues in the same institution, former thesis advisors/students, relatives, etc.). If you choose to do so, please provide the referees’ contact information (title, phone number, and email address.) and send it to the conference official email box. An Award Committee will be formed to determine the winners, with preference given to the papers addressing research questions related to the business operations in China, among other standard academic criteria.